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what color/colors should I use to achieve the color of a chalk board?
I would LOVE you to send me the instructions for the carmelized sugar!  thanks!
I am preparing to do my first wedding cake - have all the info to put in contract - have final payment due no later than 10 days prior to ceremony - maybe I should require cash payment at that time? let me know how this comes out with your bride! and it's only friday here too - what's with that?
thanks jajam - loved it!
Can anyone tell me how to figure the number pieces, and how to cut a topsy turvy? I want to try one - have free rein on a cake for April 1, and it needs to feed 75 people. Any help for me?
You know the one? When you "fork" into it the chocolate runs like lava. Need to find one for next week --- thanks!
I have my cake decorated, put in my refrigerator (all buttercream). It is currently 5 PM, and I won't be delivering the cake until 5 PM tomorrow. It is a 2 hour drive - my car air conditioning went out! Do you think it's going to be OK? I have made many cakes before, but this is my first buttercream (family likes plain old icing!) but this if for my Dad's 80th birthday, and I wanted it "special". So - will the icing be all right for the long drive? (supposed to be in...
Hi everyone, I need some help with "dusts" I am making a cake with edible pearls, but everything I have read, says that the "dusts" are not intended for consumption. Are they edible? This will be my first use and from what I understand I should color the pearls with petal dust, then use the luster dust, does this sound correct? Thanks for your help!
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