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I found this one for the duff roses here on cake central and they turn out wonderful. Good luck Faye
If you ever get a chance to come up around Orlando there is a good store called D and G Ocassions. They have had just about everything I have needed. I order stuff on line also. Its just easier when you have the time. Good luck.Faye
I so love totally frosted!! If you decide you don't want it I would so like to to have it for mine. I have been contemplating for months what to name mine so after you decide could you pm me. I would never dream of taking it if you chose that one. I am also in Florida. ThanksFaye
My price also would be around $150. That is such a cute cake. Good luck.Faye
I have done this on several occassions where things just didn't seem that truthful to me. Its a great idea for everyone. Thanks!
I agree, I charge a deposit for the cost of the item if I had to replace it. The rental fee would come out of the amount at the end unless they are renting numerous items from me. If I stay and cut the cake for them I waive the the deposit and just charge the rental fee. The rental fee starts at $25 and goes up depending what or how many things they are renting. I work with the brides on these items because I know it can get real pricey depending on what they are looking...
I charge a rental fee and deposit fee, if I am not staying to cut the cake I waive the deposit. I do this for all of my stands and plates etc. So far I have had good luck.
There is also alot of great ones here on cake central in the gallery. I just typed in bee hive and alot of them popped up. Its hard picking just the right one to do..
Ocakes, I'm not sure if this one will be the one for you but I found it on flickr and I think its an amazing beehive cake. Good luckFaye
Very, very common. My kids get so mad at me when we are out and I am looking at things and I say " I wonder how that will look on a cake" .I think about decorating cakes all the time. You are part of the club now...Welcome! Faye
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