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Great job. It's so much fun to do cakes when you can just play with the design.
I say if the MOG is happy then you did good.
Wow. I am in awe. Good luck.
I have done a few. I use a firm cake and make sure I give it a good crumb coat. I make the icing a bit thinner for the crumb coat so it will go on easier. Putting it in the frig. for a few minutes to firm it up, is helpful too.
I think this is what you are looking for.
Sorry you had to deal with someone like that. She is the type of customer that made me stop for a while. I now do only for friends or family. Just take a deep breath and remember all the others who love your cakes.
I think it looks great.
I'm am in the process of icng the last of 23 8" rounds for a wedding and noticed my first 10 are now sitting in what looks like melted butter. I have never had my bc break or weep before. What if anything can I do? The wedding is tomorrow.
You could put a few edible image pictures on the cake. One of her as a baby and one of her as a new bride and one of her with family. Then just add roses and a fancy trim.
Could you make a picture of the map and then add a runner or a pair of sneakers?
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