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You did a great job! You are really talented
Here's few you might try. They are really creative.Hope it helps.Here they are:A ruler ( iced yellow and the details iced on in black) A Pencil ice like a pencil) A blackboard iced black and then "written" on in various colors of icing) A Worm, for a reading worm Cupcakes iced like apples. Add a gummy worm for fun.
I found this site with different hunting scenes. Click on the link! find ideas look online for sports cakes hunting is included in this theme.
Thank You!!!!! I was also told to try Better Cream.
Does anyone know of a icing that's just as good as Whipped cream. I must be the only person in the world that has a family that doesn't like buttercream. I need something that decorates as well, but tastes like whipped cream.Thanks4friend
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