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Can I use coconut oil instead of shortening in the Buttercream Dream recipe? (in the winter months) Has anyone tried this? Does it alter the taste or make it taste like coconut?
Ditto - 325 and the flower nail..if you have no flower nail, the 325 alone should work fine.
I want to make frames for wallet size edible images. 1. Do I use all fondant or 50/50 fondant /gumpaste for the frames?2. How do I apply the edible image to the fondant? Do I use water, alcohol or piping gel? I don't want the image to run.Thank you. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
How to I get a fondant ribbon to attach to a buttercream cake?
Cant I paint gold luster dust on smooth buttercream the same way you would do it on fondant?I am making a Notre Dame football helmet cake so I need a large area covered in gold luster dust.
Is anyone a member of this site? Its $19.95 to join and they say they free How To videos and if you are a member you get discounts on buying How To videos.I was just wondering if anyone was a member, if its a one time fee AND if the videos are worth it.Thanks Kim
The team from Canada, they "painted" their cake with brushes.How did they do that? Watered down gel color or something else?Thank you
Does anyone have any advice on a good book on How To Make Sugar Flowers. I've seen a few but wonder which is the best.Thank you
I am making a cake on Sunday for a party Tuesday evening. I will be using Buttercream Dream as the base and Wilton Black icing in the tube for some zebra stripes on the Buttercream Dream. What is the best way to store this for 2 days? Fridge or counter? Do you think the black will bleed into the white? I live in Boston so humidity is not a factor right now.Any advice? Thank you.
What do you want your Blues Clues cake to look like? Is it a 3D Blue or a scene of the house? I have a 3D Blues Clues cake in my pics, but its a cake of the opening scene with the house and characters.Let me know what you're thinking and I'll see if I can help.
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