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I am in need of finding some simple jungle animals pictures. I would like to transfer the images on to a quarter sheet cake for a baby shower. I know there are some great ones out there, I see all kinds here at CC. Please send me any patterns that you think may work. Thank you so much for the help.
After I iced my cakes and they crusted, I took a paint brush and painted my sky in. I used the wilton blue and some vodka for the paint. For clouds I used a plain large round tip. I have a few examples of this in my photos. I hope this helps a little.
Most people I do FBCT for like the fact that the image is raised off the cake some. I put a small boarder around the transfer in the same color that the cake is iced in. If you thin the icing to much the transfer will break on you. Good Luck.
To all those CC's who have made tiaras for the top of your cake. I need yo make my first tiara for a topper to a cake. Should I make it out of chocolate or royal icing? I am using a template for the tiara that I found here on CC. Any tips, suggestions, anything would be most helpful to me. What tip do you recommend using to make it. I was thinking about a tip #3 or #4? Thoughts??? Thank you.
What do you think of using the sport ball pan for a pumkin? I am in need of a small pumkin for a order next week. In my photos I made a pumkin out of the bundt pans, but for this order that is to much cake. Thank you for your thoughts!
The best thing I found is to put a small border around the FBCT. Most people tell me they like that the image is raised off the cake some. It really makes it stand out. There are some examples in my photos.
After the icing has crusted, I take out my image from the freezer and place it directly on the cake. No water needed. I have never had a problem with one moving or shifting by doing it this way.
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