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I am in Hamilton, which midway between Cincinnati and Dayton.
Please take a look at the ones in my photos. I will be glad to help you with instructions if these are the ones you want. They use 19 regular size cupcakes.Sherri
Take a look at my photos, sorry I do not know how to insert one here. If the ones I have are what you are looking for just pm me and I will help anyway I can.Sherri
I would love to have the instructiions as well, if you would not care to pm them one more time.Thanks,Sherri
I glued my cups down to a 10 inch round cake board. Only about everyother one touched the plate. I took the extra ruffle and glued it to the outside of the cups to cover them. Everyone loves these. I used a plastic fork to lift the cupcakes out of the cups with. I do not know how to included my photos of them in the forum, but if you go to my photo button at the bottom you will see two cupcake bouquets I recently...
I have used a medium black bc before to do scroll on a white bc with no problems. It turned out very classy and the person was thrilled. I would used the bc because of its flavor over the royal. Good luck, it will turn out just fine.
How do I take a picture from the gallery and mark it as a favorite of mine? Sorry, I am nor very computer savy. Thank you for the help.
I have put royal snowflakes on bc before. (There is a picture in my photos)The snowflakes were placed on the cake Friday afternoon and the party was Saturday afternoon. I had no problem with the snowflakes becoming soft.
I used royal icing to glue my royal icing snowflakes on to a buttercream cake. I had no problem with them breaking down from the bc. I also used royal and glued some on white candy sticks to have them stand up off the cake. I do not know how to upload my pictures here so you will have to go to my photos to see what I am talking about.[/img]
Thank you all very much. I found what I needed at the images google site. Wow what a great site for patterns. Thanks for sharring.
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