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I always seem to add too much. Simple is better sometimes. I think this is beautiful.
Help! I see all of these cupcakes frosted so nicely. I would love to know what tip I should use to get a nice look. I have almost every tip wilton makes, but I have no clue what half of them are for.
Oh very nice!!!!
Thanks so much for all of the quick answers!!!!
I'm sure this has been a topic before,but I couldn't find anything. I needed to know asap. I was going to make a very large batch of BUtter Crean Dream, and use it for several cakes I am doing in the next two weeks. I'm just not sure how long it stays good and if I should freeze or refrigerate it.
Thanks a bunch! That looks much easier.
I have to say family can be the worst people to do these things for! So you don't need the aggrevation anyway! Don't feel so bad it happens to all of us! That's why this site is so wonderful, you can vent and get support from us. Because we have been there. Keep up the good work, and don't let her get you down.
Oh My gosh! Thanks for all of the replies! I will use that pattern Doug. Thank you!
OMG doesn't almond make them so tasty!!!!!!
Great story
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