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I think the black has a horrible taste! I used the darkest chocolate frosting ever, to avoid using alot of coloring. It was still gross. I had to add a ton of cocoa powder and vanilla to the icing to hide the flavor. I usually suggest black as an accent color only, just for that reason. Not sure about the red
I've always wondered this! Thanks.
Luster dust is soooooo much fun!
I don't have any tips sorry! I just wanted to add , that every time I've use gum paste it looks wrinkled. I must not be doing it right!!!!!!!!!
That cake is amazing! Next time you do something that awesome you should just use dummy cakes for that piece and make a sheet cake to serve. what is a party without cake? They probably just wanted to show it off to everyone they know. It's a beauty! Please post instructions.
Thanks everyone for all of your ideas! You are all so helpful.
Thank you!
Hello! Has anyone ever gone to what a wonderful site! Anyway the cakes that are covered in fondant have such a nice sheen to them. What can I don to get mine to shine? Do you mix luster dust into the fondant? Do you shine it with crisco? I'm stumped please help.
Thank you so much!
I don't really have the answer you are looking for.. I always make more batter then I need, just in case. And then I bake and freeze what I don't use. Use the left over cake for decorating practice, or make cake balls.I'm sure you could find someone to take any extra desserts you have
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