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lecrn' s cake is amazing!!!!! I made a basket ball cake for a customer, who I knew wouldn't want to pay much. So it's just flat, but check out my pictures anyway if you like. Good luck with your cake.
Thanks everyone! I have tried these things, I think my cakes are just too moist.It seems to be worse with fondant. Oh well I will just keep trying. Thanks again.
I have made a few cake with decorative pieces needing wire. Every time I do they fall or tear the cake. I have used straws and I have tried every gage wire out there. I have used floral wire. I don't know what else to do. I am doing a bridal shower in a few weeks. The bride wants crazy twisted wire with flowers sticking out of the top. Please anyone give me some tips.Thanks,Andrea
I had that trouble too!
I didn't realize it was so easy to make. I'm sure it does taste better than store bought stuff.
Just go to the store and buy the blue stuff if you are worried about the taste. It looks so cool used as water. The little tubes don't go very far though, so make sure you buy extra!
Yeah, what LaSombra said. I live in NY and I just got some paper work in the mail about it. Crazy huh? Well I wasn't any help, but that icing sure does sound tasty!!!!Maybe they are using illegal shortening in the frosting to make it different from the others lol
I wouldn't call it butter cake. I recently learned that a butter cake has a completely different texture and taste. In my opinion it's a take it or leave it kind of thing. And just about everyone at this party left it. So I would just call it vanilla or almond, or whatever flavoring you are adding.
Yup substitute with cocoa powder. If you know the feel of MMF, It should be easy for you. I like the taste much better! Who doesn't love chocolate!
I usually only wait about 5 minutes or so, and I do use " the finger poke method" LOL!
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