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So I had a customer call, and say she needed a cake right away. So I rushed like crazy and finished her cake in four hours Thursday evening. Butter cream with fondant decorations. Well I called and her husband said ok can we keep it in the fridge? The party isn't until Saturday. I would have never put all of the little fondant creatures on the cake if I knew they weren't coming to pick it up! This is the first time I made them a cake and I am worried that it...
This has happened to me the last 3 times that I made it. Other people on this site have suggested weight all of your ingredients. I did not try that yet, but I have cut out about 1/8 cup of flour and it came out perfect. Good luck!
Well my DH surprised me for mothers day and bought a fancy air brush kit from our local Art store. So was able to get the cake red. Thanks everyone for the advice!
What is WBH house BC? I love new recipes. Sorry about your cake. I always try to talk people out of black and red cakes. I hate the after taste & staining.
Thanks everyone! It didn't darken over night like I had hoped. I will probably paint it by hand.
I have been kneading in a whole jar of red coloring for the last hour and I still only have a rosey shade of pink. I absolutley do not want to buy Wiltons fondant. Does anyone have any tips on how to get this fondant red. I was considering buying an airbrush, but there are no local stores that carry them . I need this cake done Sat afternoon.
Wow great advice Shelbur10! Thanks
OOH I LOVE THE COLOR! I'm sure she will like it.
What is RBC? Do you have a recipe?
What kind of coloring did you buy? I use the gel not liquid. knead it right in. I use a silicone sheet to knead it on. They are a little pricey but they make fondant work like a dream. I use it for cookies too. If You don't have one make sure to use crisco on your hands and counter. the coloring could stain. Clean in off of your counter as soon as your done. Good luck!
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