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Ok I need a little help today. I have a ten inch round cake covered in Fondant waiting for me, but I am not sure how I should tackle this. The very serious 13 old who this is for, decided that she would draw up the cake and have me do the exact design. The party ware is pretty brush stroked vertical stripes, of all different widths. Lots of color too. I was going to paint by hand or airbrush. My real question is how the heck do I do this? Is there anything I...
She's nuts!!!!! You should be very proud , that cake and cupcakes are amazing. They match perfectly. Moose and Lion????? I am so confused.
OMG! Everyone! I am just sitting here by myself laughing out loud. I am going to get some of these ideas down on paper. Thanks so much and keep the thoughts coming. I will make sure to post it that day LOL
I just got a cake request For August 4th. This is not a joke, this is the list of things her best friend gave me. "We call her Leppie because she dressed like a leprechaun. So I want some green.", She is obsessed with female hygiene products such as summers eve powder and spray. And she loves salsa music. The guests were told to wear green, a cowboy hat, and bring their favorite salsa music. I AM STUMPED!!! Obviously this cake is supposed to poke fun at the...
So many great ideas! Thanks everyone.
Can somebody tell me what dream whip is? And where can I find it?
Thank you miriel. I ended up doing 4-5 coats and the color was perfect.
I have a cake that I need for tomorrow morning. I have seen airbrushed butter cream before. But I am doing in right now and it isn't going that great. My smoothing job is horrible first of all, so all of the color is collecting in the grooves. And it seems to be getting too wet. I am letting it sit hoping that it will dry, because the color is not nearly as dark as I need it to be. i have only used this fancy machine once, so maybe I am doing it wrong UGH!!!! ...
Thanks! I just ordered mine too.
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