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Ooh Richard that sounds good!
I don't know how comfortable you are with painting, but it's my new favorite thing. I would do a two tier cake covered in fondant. Add some fondant pieces around the bottom to make it more 3D ( look at my hollywood cake) Paint tall grass and a beautiful sunset. Maybe paint some shadow animals in the distance. Like the silhouette of giraffe or elephants in the distance. Do a google search for Safari Images, some beautiful pitures come up. Good luck! Can't wait...
I think this is a great start. I can't wait to see the photos. My website has been up and running for about 6 months and I haven't fixed anything. It's very time consuming, especially when you have a ton of cakes to make. My husband who does web design is making me learn how to do it lol. So instead of it taking him an hr, it has taken me months to get a few pictures on there. He is a teacher and he means well, but my site is suffering. Maybe you will have better...
Does anyone have any ideas for an empty nest themed party? A group of moms are throwing themselves a party, because they just sent thier children to college. I need help?
Thanks KHalstead. I was really looking for answers from people who have used it. I was on the site, and I am still waiting for customer service to email me about storage.
I had another cake baker in the area convince me to buy a brick of smooth n light frosting base. She said it's a non dairy butter cream that will hold up in the heat and humidity. I bought it and there are only basic instructions and no help any where on line. I have this stuff and I know you mix it with water. I don't know how to store it or for how long. Or if I can cut it into smaller portions Has anyone used this product???? Why do I talk to strangers????...
They loved it. I am my own worst critic, I didn't like it at all. I thought it was a little cheesy. Thanks lynda-bob for making me feel better
ok I posted it, I have to say though it's not very good.
ok everyone, this customer changed her mind about 100 times. It went from being this huge cake to a tiny 8" round. With a penis wearing a cowboy hat and a mexican poncho. Not my favorite cake by far. She only wanted to spend $25 after all of my planning. My computer is being worked on so I should get my pictures up soon. Thanks for ll of the help, sorry it's cheesy.
awesome thanks guys!!!!!
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