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Yes mama!! I got my mother-in-law getting more dowels since I am morning job and I will be redoing them when I get home. Thanks again!
@CocoaBlondie This is the one I use and I have been using it for several years now. I am not for sure how it would fair it it was used on a daily bases but I love it and works great for what I need it to do.
My hubsand had a small compressor and he went out and purchased a airbrush kit from Harbor Frieght for like $15 and I have no problems out of it! To be honest if it stops working I will just go and buy another one at that price! Good luck!Autumn
Thanks so much for your suggestions... I have never done a tiered fondant covered cake so I knew I could count on you guys to help me out. Thankfully I have tonight and 1/2 day tomorrow to fix it!!
I have a wedding cake due tomorrow and I put the 2 layer on top of the bottom layer last night (which has plenty of support inside the cake) and the fondant cracked on parts of the bottom layer!! I don't know what to do!! Please help!Should I take off the second layer and refondant the bottom layer? I still have to add one more layer. THANKS
Okay I want to enter the local cake contest at the fair for the first time and since I would love some advice from people who have done it before hand.First question what would you consider a Novelty cake?I was considering doing a wedding cake but the judge on taste d you think I can have one of the layers be a dummy or do all layers have to be cake? Also, I am not for sure which class to enter Amateur (exhibitor who decorate as a hobby) or Advance Amateur (exhibitors...
My name is Autumn and I am CC' Alcoholic and proud to be ONE!!!! Yard Salen I will go and I agree with you Alicia. I love to go yard salen here and out in the world of yard sales!
I have this birthday party this weekend and I am making a Butterfly Cake (from the Wilton Pan) and 15 to 20 cupcakes.I am to decorate the Butterfly but I am to deliver the cup cakes plain and stay to help 12 girls decorate them. I also am doing MMF with different shapes so that the girls can place them on their cupcakes.I am doing this for a good friend whom I use to work for. His wife told me that she would pay for the cakes and would also pay for my time I spend...
well even though the throw down is over the Soup it the one I would have picked..It was very hard the sandwhich was very good also. Well I am now off to get some soup!
Okay I wasn't thinking and left my book out where my 3 year old could flip throught it..and she comes to the doll house and tells me that this is what I want for my birthday this month... Well I have looked at and read the instructions but my questions is has anyone done this cake and if so can you give me some pointers?Thanks so muchAutumn
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