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Thank you thank you thank you. You saved me a lot of money by sharing this awesome recipe. Good on you blwilley.
Can anyone tell me if there are molds for these cupcake toppers or am I going to have to free hand these. I need to do Lego Star Wars cupcakes for a special young man for his 6th birthday. Any help is appreciated.
That is so cute. Great job.
Or maybe even use dental floss. I used that on a ukulele cake.
Don't know if you got an answer yet or not, but when working with isomalt we use a dehumidifying aid. Take a look at the following link to see if any of them would work for you.
Try the site below. I found it on pintrest. It has quite a few farm animals on it. Hope this helps.
If it works I sure would like to have the ratio of the ingrediants
I found on ebay where they sell mods for these little cuties. Let me see if I can post this right.
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