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The heat and humidity must have an effect on the buttercream! I'm in central Texas and yesterday I was practicing roses. By the fourth one, they were melting! And this buttercream was already chilled... I guess that's what happens when it's still 115 degrees outside...
I haven't yet charged for any cakes. I have just been making them for free (and the referalls). Now I want to start charging for them so I looked at's prices. For a basic 9" cake they charge 28-32 dollars. For one with chocolate ganache the price rises to 40 dollars. So no one can say that is too expensive if it is what walmart charges.
If you make the one pan cake, you could split it into three thin layers and ice between them, however there will be more icing than cake. If you go with the two pans, the cake will shine through and the icing will be the accent.
I really felt for poor Geof when the groom just dug into his jeep cake. That cake was so amazingly detailed and underappreciated... I don't think you should watch your creation being mauled... he looked so sad!
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