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I have a customer who wants this cake, only problem is I cannot figure out where to find this stand. Anyone ever seen it, or know where I could find it? Any help is appreciated! TFL!
When I deliver a cake, I set it on the table, add flowers or whatever else I need to, take a picture of it, and then leave. More than likely the venue where you are delivering are used the knowing where the dowels and such are on the cake, so I wouldnt worry about telling them anything.
Do not leave perishable fillings out for more than a few hours. Fondant is fine refridgerated. I always refridgerate my cakes with fondant. You wouldnt want to get someone sick.
When I went to the county clerks office to get my DBA, they tell you if that bussiness name is used or not.
Put in in the oven with the light on. I always do this, and it works great.
I like to make ganache using the 2:1 ratio, like for making truffles, and I make a round truffle, and stick that into my cupcake or mini-cakes.....yummy and melty!!!!
I use pastry cream all the time. I would not substitute pudding for it. It has a similiar taste, but I can definately tell the difference. I dont like pudding because if it is not cold, it gets runny. Any time I have used pastry cream, it stays pretty solid. I am not a pastry chef, I can just speak from my own experience. Good Luck. Hope it works out!
I have only used satin ice gumpaste so far, and it has worked perfectly. I roll my gumpaste out paper thin, then I grease my mat, put the gumpaste on it and roll it out more, until it doesnt stretch or move anymore on the mat, then I let it set out for an hour and a half, then just set what I want to cut, and cut. I cut out 75 2-inch letter E's, and 75 1 1/2 inch swirls. It didnt mess up at all. HTH!!! GL!
I did a baby shower cake where the customer kept insisting we put paisley on it even though it did not go, and I told her my opinion as a decorator that it was not going to look right. After it was done, it was so cute, it would not have been half as cute without the paisley. Sometimes they know what they are talking about. Good thing the customer was an acquaintance and didnt say I Told You So!!!!
I just made smbc the other day, and it went through a curdling process while I was making it, and when I was bringing it back to room temp. from being in the fridge.
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