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LOL...I have a sore spot here as well. I did a wedding in L.A. at the Ritz-Carlton Marina Del Rey. Very upscale. For Bobbi Sue Luther-Robert Hall..she is an actress model and he owns Almost Human Special FX. Big deal for me. They are not flowery people. They SPECIFICALLY wanted the cake with clean lines. Square..three tier. Silver fondant ribbon against white fondant. two metallic SILVER GP roses as the ONLY adornment they wanted. They used a bloody bride demon...
Coming from an "old timer" at CC....congrats and ABOUT TIME! LOL !
Sounds like a wonderful opportunity! Best of luck!
I do not believe that is has as much to do with the thickness as the diameter you are rolling it to...also it helps to place it on something slightly smaller than the base of the cake and let it do its natural stretch past the edges. However you cannot get it smooth if you roll it super thin either...but the bunching usually has to do with not having it rolled out large enough.
I don't know about the cake in question in the original post...however I know one "secret ingredient" that never fails me...a long time ago I was making a red velvet cake and ran short on eggs and in sheer desperation put a large scoop of MAYO in and hoped for the best. It was by far the best tasting red velvet cake I had ever tasted. Now it is an old faithful for me..I swear by it and buttermilk.
I do NOT preheat my oven for less than $100.00 was my old rule before my shop. And with cakes this still holds true for me. Only very upscale birthdays and anniversaries and weddings. I start at 3.50 per on my basic designs. White cake with BC. And go up from there.
Prayers go up from my house to yours and the family of this lovely woman, who was lost so young. Bless you and I hope you are comforted in this time. My heart goes out to you.
EXACTLY Debi! You nailed it (as usual) I see the first (and only FREE) tasting as a sample of my ABILITY. If beyond that you don't know or cannot imagine what lemon tastes like...or chocolate or whatever flavor then thats their issue and they can pay me for samples of them. I ask before hand if they have any leaning towards a certain flavor etc. My silly butt used to make tons of samples and things and then spend half a day impressing a bride-to-be and then find that she...
Thanks guys! Now I gotta get to work on a huge armadillo grooms cake and pretty detailed wedding cake!
Awesome story Deb! I love it!
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