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Yes the one Bob posted is delicious!
Oh wow I didn't think there would be any reply's ..Hi)Hi Penny )Bob don't I see you on flickr
Just stopped by to see if this thread was still active)Hi to anyone out there!
LOL....Funny how we always go back home to this thread!Nice to see you again!P.m. me and we can catch up )))Welcome Back )
If it was me I would use a white cake...when I add flavors I add them in place of the water in the recipe. I still add the oil but replace the water with my new liquid of choice It may be fine with a yellow cake as well but I like that you can really see the coloring when you add it to a white mix!Not only tasty but pretty as well.
Here is Antonia 74's "How to "
If you need something geared towards that age maybe a gift box cake ( confetti cake ) maybe in those colors as well. Is it for a Man or Lady?I was guessing Lady .
Why not turn the cake into a "Birthday party" It self.Maybe have records on it one that's tittled 'Happy Birthday" and different candies ( look up what was popular then) party hats... Maybe add an old style banner with the Persons name and age on it..All in those awesome colors of course...Did they give you the OK to do your own design or want ....
I agree from what you can tell by the photo you posted It looks like maybe it's a 45 record sleeve?So something to do with music or records or maybe even those gumdrops that are scattered around?
Thanks Chass
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