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Toba Garrett has a recipe that uses ganache in a Chocolate BC.  I tried it and it was delicious.  I have also mixed ganache into SMBC and it would make you slap your mama it's so good.
Sorry that happened.  Was the curd still cold when you baked the meringue on top?  My recipe says to put the meringue on when the filling is still warm.
I have stenciled on SMBC several times with great results.   Before the first time, I tried using butter cream and RI and the RI was the easiest to do.  If you look at my cakes, the peacock cake has the stenciling on Gumpaste because I wanted the feathers to have some dimension.  I also use stencils with airbrush color on SMBC.
Wow!  I also wouldn't want to make that much variation of color, however.....if I WERE to it, I'd  make the white cake( it would take more than one batch) and color it three third red, one third blue and one third yellow.  then from that I could mix one layer at a time by mixing two colors in progressively more proportions. For instance, starting with red and yellow, pull out maybe 2 cups of the yellow and add 1/4 c. red for the yellowest orange  and bake that...
I'm so sorry this happened to your beautiful cake.  I can't imagine a twelve year old with this lack of self restraint, nor can I fathom that the adults would think it funny.  It reminds me of a display cake I saw once in a grocery store that was too close to poking fingers.  It was completely riddled with finger holes before they finally took it down. 
Cakelove,    If the original recipe called for 1 Tablespoon BP, and you cut it in half,  that is  1 1/2 tsp. There are three teaspoons in a tablespoon,  half of three is one and a half.
I can answer this.  I use coconut milk all the time in my Coconut Cake with great results.  I can't say if it adds coconut flavor as there is coconut in the cake itself.  I have used this cake for both stacked cakes and single tier cakes.
love this thread.  K8...too much coffee?  great suggestions!
Thank you,  didn't think of using Google,  I figured that a cake central search would be the best way to go.  Guess not.
I thought about making the acorn truffles and did make a document of the tutorial that was on the homepage for quite a while.  Today, I went back to find it and it has moved off the homepage.  Why didn't I copy the web address???  I have a question about the recipes.  Can someone tell me how to find the location of something that has moved off the home page?  I have tried to search it and can't come up with  it.
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