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Thank you ladies Guess I'll have to rethink this or research more, lookmat other avenues. But I'll be happy to report back.
I bought a boxed Gluten Free cake mix, Hodgson Mill Yellow Cake Mix.  Can I use this box with the WASC recipe by substituting the 1 cup of flour with GF all purpose flour and continue on using the rest of the ingredients in the WASC recipe and bypass the recipe on the back of the box (like I would as if I were using a regular cake box mix) ?   Thank you!   B2B
It's been a while signed I've logged and want to thank you all for your replies. I greatly appreciate them and will use your suggestions. Thank you! B2B
I have a recipe to make my own vanilla but am not sure what type of bean to buy. I did a search and came up with Tahitian Vanilla Bean, Madagascar Vanilla beans. What's the difference? Is one stronger in flavor than another. I'm assuming with anything, the better the bean, the more the money. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.Thank you!B2B
I'd be real curious as to how this tastes. Is it a strong or mild PB taste, butter, PB taste. I'm making my birthday cake in November and was going to do a butter fudge cake with PB frosting in between layers (YUM!), but this recipe sounds very good. Also, what flavor frosting would you put between layers . . . chocolate of course, but anything else?Thanks,B2B
Why thank you ever so much for your posts! I'll have to give it a try and post the results.B2B
I've seen different pictures of this type of cake where it's torted and built up to 8 or more thin layers of cake with filling in between. However, I've only seen this as a round cake. I'd like to make an oblong, 6 layered cake but not have to go out a buy a special oblong pan. Can this be done by baking a sheet cake using a 26x18x1 sheet pan then cutting it down the middle (length wise) and then frost, stack, etc. Here's an idea of what I'm trying to learn how to...
I know this site is for cakes, cupcakes, frosting, techniques, etc. but after searching the web and coming up with nothing, I'm turning to you all. If you've heard of (or better yet tasted) cake batter icecream, I'm looking for a recipe that would give me cake batter flavor cheesecake. This came about when I was at an icecream store getting cake batter icecream and my friend says 'the only thing that could top this would be cake batter cheesecake'. I lauged and agreed...
E'nuff said. I will make a few more layers and stack them on top then drive 3 dowels through all of it for peace of mind and stability.Thank you all so very much for your advise!! B2B
I stacked my cake, crumb coated it, etc. stepped back to look at it before decorating and realized it's not tall enough for the look I need. But . . . if I turned the cake upward, it would be the height I need. So my question is, will my cake hold up vertically if I turned it upright? The cake is a 9x13 cut in to 3rds and stacked (frosting inbetween layers) . . . just turn it on it's side . . . how would I dowel it to transfer it for a 5 mile ride? Oh, I plan...
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