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I agree! This is one of the best local places. You can get bettercreme right from the Rich's outlet store on Niagara Street though. They have all their fruit fillings too. And the bettercreme in pre-mixed and bagged or in the quarts to measure and mix yourself. Then, if you go out to Rochester, there is a place called Niblack's that carries every possible sugar and spice and flour you could possibly ever want. They are not a "cake" store specifically, but they carry...
i just opened my copy too! Congrats! well done!
Interesting. I have found the new set-up much quicker...although, i have only been browsing.
Hi,I am thinking of making a Strawberry/banana cake for Easter. I think the way I would do it is to use a Strawberry DH, and extend thusly....use banana pudding mix and 1 cup mashed bananas for moisture instead of 1 cup sour cream. What do you think? I have made banana cakes using the banana pudding and banana instead of sour cream in White cake mix, and it is fab! But, think it would be good in a Strawberry mix???Thanks for your time.Sarah
For my DH birthday i made a spice cake with an apple compote type filling. i make a cinnamon buttercream to be the first layer...and then i made a caramel frosting over that, once the cimmamon BC crusted to keep in the crumbs and filling. it was really yummy.
Sounds like that "don't leave a single word" thread has tainted some people's viewing of cakes. There were times when the forums were so hot that the only thing I did was look at cakes. I will say it is a bit cumbersome now....load pic (wait), make comment, load comment (wait), save to faves (wait)....It's silly, but on my computer it takes a long time....I ususally just view in thumbnail, unless I'm really interested. It's the same way with forums, you may have 150...
And, after that, you could maybe offer her a tasting or a sample, maybe one layer see and taste too. Then, if she isn't very versed in fondant, she can make a more educated decision.
When I make almond buttercream, I use 1 teas vanilla to 1/2 teas almond. The almond (to me) is very obvious. I would try with 1/2 first, and if it isn't strong enough for your liking, add the other half. Remember though, it will get stronger as it sits.
And, Maybe her Dad can send her on a cruise, or have a family or friend vacation with some of the $$. I'm glad she is free from that oppression. Is this cake going to be for a party, or just to bring to her as a gift? I guess that would dictate my idea. I like the discoball idea. Sportball pan with luster dusted fondant squares. Put the ball cake on a sheet made out like the dance floor from Saturday Night Fever, with her dancing on the front, with her high, heeled...
Tiger lily. Perhaps blue delphinium. Or Poppy. What time of year is the wedding? I think a dark blue cake with tiger lily or poppy would be beautiful. Then you could always add a subtle accent color in a smaller flower.
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