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My son's 1st Birthday is today and I want to make him a Pooh cake however I'm not sure how to find out what colours to use in the picture. Can you please take a look. Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
That's an awsome tip. I will definitely experiment with that idea the next time.
Thank you ever so much for providing me with these wonderful recipes.......i'm so eager to try them out.........Michelle
Hi there, Thanks a bunch for posting this recipe....however I would also love to have the other version that you have........Thanks again & I can't wait to try one out soon.
For sometime now I've been looking around for a fruit cake recipe. I've seen a few on here but not sure which I should try. If by any chance you have one that you've tried & enjoyed & don't mind sharing with me I would greatly appreciate it.......thanks in advanceMichelleHappy Baking
Actually I have'nt had the time to take the wilton classes yet so in the meantime I expreiment on my own. Gotta tell you this stuff is great for people like myself. For those who have'nt tried It maybe you should, trust me like the other ladies say you'll never look back. Not only is it easy to work with but also looks very pretty. Good luck!
Well finally I tried out the MMF last weekend & needless to say It was a success. I followed the recipe with no problems & I will definitely continue to use this stuff.....It's simply awesome to work & saves on time I don't have a digital camera so unfortunately I can't post a pic @ this time.Happy Baking
Wow! what a cute fish. Nice work!
Wow! Just the sound of 600 calories per tbsp is terrifying.....sorry no more for me....LOL
My 10th Wedding Anniversary is approaching in August & I plan to make a cake to celebrate this ocassion anyways, I would love some ideas for the cake.....U might wonder about my skill level so here goes.......I haven't managed to take the courses as yet but I do cakes on my own whenever I can also I've worked with Fondant & BC frosting. Help Please!!!!! I wanna plan in advance. Thanks Michelle
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