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Thank you for posting the link. I just watched it and it's exactly what I needed to hear!I am moving forward and didn't know where to go from here-now I do.THANK YOU!!!!!
When the cakes begin to return to room temperature, they are going to condensate. Be sure not to dry them off or touch them with your fingers. Just let it dry on its own. If they are covered, be sure to take that off right away or the fondant will have marks on it. After that, they should be o.k. I do this when I decorate, it keeps me from having to put the water on my fondant decorations. Good luck!
I too had a lady at my church interested in being an investor for me. I prayed about it and thought long and hard. I decided not to go with it. I didn't want to be the person who does all the work and had to give someone else power over how I do my work or the use of my money. I know when it happens for me - it's going to happen on my terms. Whether it is through a bank, grants or mad money. The person who wants to invest with you may have different ideas how they...
Thank you for the help. I'm going to see what I can do.Toni
Thank you all for a quick response. I will try the tiny tiny bit of lavendar to counter act the yellow. Do any of you have a great tasting cream cheese butter cream that does not require using butter? If I mess up the lavendar?Thanks again!
What brand of butter is a white butter? I need to make a WHITE cream cheese butter cream for a wedding cake this weekend. I have no idea which one is white and good. I've never found just white only yellow.Thanks for your help.Toni
I didn't start this post, but I want to say thank you to all of the advice. I love every ones tips. You are all great!
I would definitely would tell them not to place it on top until it was there and closer to the time of the reveal. My "cake" policy is... Once it (cake) leaves me, my home or is delivered, I am no longer responsible for what happens to it. They all know that and agree to it!This way if they do something stupid to mess it up, they can't come crying to me. They must be careful!You might want something like that in place-it helps.
Great work! Good luck with what ever your decision is!Toni
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