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When I made my 3D Giraffe. I simply pulled a small pinch of fondant and pressed them out with my fingers and placed them on the cake. I made sure they were a little different and fit around each other for a fairly decent look. You are welcome to look in my photos to understand what I'm trying to explain. A friend of mine, pinkbox, made the same cake, but she rolled out fondant and used a circle cutter and also used the circle cutter to cut indention's on both sides of...
Happy - Happy - Joy - Joy!!!!! I knew if others were getting theirs, I'd be getting mine!!! It came this afternoon! I can't wait to watch it!!!!
NO FAIR! (stomp, kick, ) I even looked for it. Oh well, maybe tomorrow (or later today). I'm happy some have gotten it, because mine has to be on it's way! Yippeeeeeeee!
I think you did a beautiful job and the bride it just a bridezilla. I'd just keep going on my merry ole' way. People like that need something to do. (Besides give you a headache.)Great job!
Those are great! You shouldn't question yourself with skills like that. WOW!
I think your tiles are great! Mind giving us YOUR secrets? How did you do that? Great job!!!
I was going to say, I was born in 69. So I don't remember much about that. I do know Neil Armstrong's famous quote when he landed on the moon.Maybe that helps since it's for a man. Men like rocket ships and things with a lot of power. A cake using the ideas crazygravy suggested would be kind of easy to do. Maybe find out chronologically when they happened and begin with the earliest to the latest.Good luck and have fun with this!
Thank you! I appreciate your help. I'll see what I can find.
where I can order gum paste blackberries? I need to get them asap. Making them takes up so much time. What little time I have right now needs to be spent on flowers.Thanks for your help.Toni
Goal accomplished!
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