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Don't worry about the straws. In Sugar Shacks last video, she has the best suggestions and tips. If you have a seam gauge, put in into the cake and slide the center to the top of your icing. When you take it out you will have an exact measurement to cut your straws. Be sure to cut the ends before you cut for size. They are not very even. Like Sharon said in her video, just let the part that you cut off - fly! When you are finished and cleaning up, then you can pick...
Those look just like what I use. I ordered my on line and paid minimal shipping. It was worth it. They work well and last quite a while. I may see if our local Asian market carries them and save the shipping as well.Thanks for the idea.
Excellent work! You knocked that one right out of the ball park!
There's something kind of weird going on this week. Decorators not wanting people to pay for their orders. Me, not wanting certain types of orders.I need to state I'm grateful for every order I get. However, there were 2 cakes I did this week and I would have been very happy if I had not ever received the orders. How strange is that? May be it's because they weren't the kind of cakes I enjoy working on? I don't know, but there are also some people I don't enjoy...
Gimp is a really good program like varika suggested. It might take a few tries to get what you want unless you're computer savvy.
Your cup cakes are not that bad. Not for a first anyway. It could have been so much worse!I don't even want to try to remember what I did first. Scary!!!! Not that there has been much improvement.However, I would like to see indys. Even bobs would be kinda fun to see. Come on! Everyone looks up to you guys, show us what you've got!
I use the Boba Tea Straws. Before Boba, I used regular straws (just a whole bunch of them), so maybe. I would probably do a "test" run before I sent them out in an order. That's about all I have. Sorry. Maybe someone else has gotten the thinner straws and had success. Hang in there.Toni
As a matter of fact, I do hear back from my customers. Even the ones I don't expect to hear from. I just let them know I'd like feedback if everything was good or if something wasn't quite right. And I've had both responses and didn't take offense to the bad and smiled at the good.My customer base knows I can improve by their input, so they communicate with me.Besides, if the cake you delivered was no good they most often will let you know. Don't worry if you hear...
You did a great thing for your customer. That's real customer service. I wish more people had hearts like yours and hers. Something tells me you have a new life customer with out even looking for one. Congratulations, your cake is beautiful.Toni
No, I would love too. Can't get away. I'm sure you are going to love it.Have fun!
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