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Thank you!!!! I can stop searching now and spend my energy on other things!
I recently changed to a high ratio shortening - Sweetex. It is really not any more expensive than Crisco, if you break down the price per pound, you just have to buy more at one time.It's the best move I've made in a while. I also have changed from Wilton's butter cream to Sharon Zambito's butter cream recipe. What a huge difference in texture. I love it!
Does any one know where I can order silver heart dragees besides the UK?
I do not post much, however, I do enjoy reading the posts.For about 16 years, I have been decorating and this is what works for me:BLACK icing: color dark brown using color or cocoa, then add black and let set. RED icing: color bright pink then add the "no taste" red and let set. These methods work very quickly if you are in a bit of a hurry. The taste for both colors are great and no bitter taste.
I completely understand your situation. I too, hide my cakes in the pantry and shew away any kid that may darken that door when I have any one over. However, my pastor has put me on the spot by asking in front of the church if I am making the cake for the fellowship and is it home made? I kindly respond, I am making a "Toni" cake." That is the only way I know to get around the subject. So now, people ask if I'll be providing the "Toni" cake or have I made a "Toni"...
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