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This is sad, but VERY funny! I doubt it's you. Surely, it has to be "conditions" so to speak. However, I'm no cake doctor! Take two beano and there will BE NO gas! hahahaha!Sorry, I had to say it. The previous poster started it! (Na Na Na Na Na! (singing in a little girls tune)
I still can't believe the nerve of some people. If I were you, I'd simply count it a blessing she didn't email or call back with the details. If she is this much trouble with one email...WOW! Hope she enjoyed the Wal-Mart cake she picked up for her event! BTW, I love your response. It was perfect! I wish I could be a fly on her wall after you both hung up. WTG!
Welcome to CC from a fellow "lefty"! I understand your frustrations. Especially when we do things left handed that were meant for right hand motions. I continually remind my self that I am in my right mind! Unlike most of the world who is in their left mind! (Right brain controls left side!)Any way, I do recommend Sharons SugarShack videos. I started buying one video at a time. The butter cream video is the first one I bought and I still pull it out from time to...
I do not charge by the hour. It takes to much time working and creating a cake. I simply charge by the creation. So I know I do not get paid accordingly. Of course, some cakes get done quicker than I expected and others do not.I am however, getting ready to raise my prices. So maybe, an hourly rate is a great idea.Everyone is different and you'll figure out what works best for you. I know there are so many other cakers who do charge by the hour who may share how they...
Sharon's right! Do NOT drive with them stacked! Scary thought! You'll have cake every where if you do. Definitely assemble at the venue. Good luck.
I'm not sure how to actually stop it. Are you talking about sun fading? I made a purple castle last week and used lavender. It looked blue, so I added some electric pink and it came out the purple (lavender) I was looking for. It held its color. Is that what you are looking for? Maybe? Surely someone else will come along with what you need if this isn't it.
You're welcome. Be sure to let us know how it goes.
Yes, I did just that this month. A 5 tier wedding cake assembled and I had zero problems. The delivery was 40 - 45 min. away.
I just had a bride stand me up this week! I feel your pain. Only 2 strikes in my "ball game". Her best friend had a problem and she forgot to call. Pretty sad, but O.K.Since then she has requested a second chance. So I told her I can only do tastings on Mondays or Tuesdays and she wants a Friday. "Sorry, the next available Friday I have is July 31". Fridays are too busy for tastings. So she decided a Monday will work best for her. I'm now doing her a favor by...
I do exactly what lecrn does. If I do a cake w/more than 3 tiers, I actually us 2 dowels. One through the bottom two (off center), then a second through the entire cake (center).Toni
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