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I've used candy melts to cover cake balls in the past but it never seems thick enough to cover well. What's the best white chocolate? I've seen people us bakers white chocolate, how's the taste? Thanks for the help.
Yes, it's even and treated. Double stick tape is a great idea. Thank you so much!
I'm making a camo wedding cake and they have an actual tree trunk as the base. How can I secure the cake to the base? Or what can I put the cake on and then transfer it onto the base?
Thanks for the help.
So I was asked by a friend for a rice crispy treat cake for someone that doesn't eat gluten.I press the rice crispy treats in two 6in pans. I was thinking of using white chocolate to hold the layers together. Should I do this or could I just use buttercream? Also, I am covering it in fondant. Show I do a base coat of buttercream?Anyone with experience in this area would be a great help.Thanks!
Does anyone have an opinion on the regular vs the mini? The website I saw just says it takes up less space. But does it effect the size of objects you can cut?
PERFECT! Thank you!
I wanted to try making ganache that you dip the top of the cupcake in to frost it. Can anyone tell me the best recipe for this and if I have to let the ganache cool before dipping them?Thank you for the help.
A friend of mine wants a two tier cake that sits on tip of a Martini cake stand. I googled it to see who carries the stand and all I could find is DIY info on using hot glue to stick the martini glass to a glass plate. Does anyone know if a martini glass could hold a two tier cake? It would either be a 8in and 6in or 10in and 8in.Any help would be great.
Thanks for your thoughts. I will take a look at that thread.
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