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It's beautiful!!!  Great job!
I've only had a couple of cancellations.  One of them was still several months away and because she was the stepdaughter of a friend, I offered her the deposit back.  No problem, I felt fine about it.  THEN, several months later they decided to get married at a later date and chose another baker without even contacting me.  Sooooo, no more favors.    So yes, stick to your contract!  
Thanks for all the info!  I love your biz cards, etc!  
Do you have a link for those?  All I saw were 10 ct and 24 count.    Thanks!  
There is absolutely nothing wrong with this cake!  It's gorgeous and classy.  What is the deal about the branches looking uprooted??  No bulging and no muffin tops.  What a nutcase!  
Oh, my, I feel your pain! My son moved out a few weeks ago to attend law school. We were going to help with the move and the same weekend I had an 8 tiered wedding cake along with catering a sit down banquet for 250. I had a major melt down!!! Wanted to get out of the business, but after I had time to cool off and get through the next few weeks, it got better.I never thought that the empty nest would be so hard!!! Hang in there!
I think you can buy it at Hobby Lobby in the cake supply area. I order mine online. It's a liquid. I think it gives the fondant its stretchiness. Not really sure what its function is.
When I get bubbles, I poke a small hole with a craft knife or toothpick and gently press the fondant back in place. It should stick once the air is pressed out.
Unless the customer objects, just do chocolate icing and fondant. Cocoa makes a rich dark color in buttercream and when I make my fondant, using Michele Foster's recipe, I do the chocolate version.
I just add the extra 2 oz from another mix. It probably wouldn't make a lot of difference on just one recipe, but sometimes I triple it or more. That adds up to alot of difference of dry to wet ingredients. Hope this helps.
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