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Hi Mommachris! Just had to respond to your post because you said the bride is now getting married in Cambria and it made me homesick! I was born and raised in Santa Maria, now live in Phoenix and named my oldest daughter (and business) Cambria. Anyhow, it's too bad you won't be able to make it now. I've had to turn down some super awesome cakes that I would have loved to make due to logistics or being booked. But I'm sure something else just as FAB will come along...
Mean people suck!
Wow, people - lighten up! She's not trying to sell the darn thing. She's just sharing some information that may be helpful to others.
I LOVE your logo - it's beautiful! The colors and damask design are really elegant. If it's your tagline you're worried about ("Custom cakes for all occasions") I guess you could probably come up with something more original. It gets the point across but I have seen it a lot on other cake websites. I'm sorry I don't have any ideas for you but I do think the logo itself is gorgeous!
Thanks for posting this, Kim! I had no idea this was being passed - very exciting news!!
That's ridiculous! They want everything but the kitchen sink on that cake and it's way too small for all that junk! Just tell them you can only incorporate a few of those words/designs in order for it not to look tacky. Geesh. Some people!!!
Very cool! Everything happens for a reason!
It's absolutely stunning! Good idea to make a dummy cake. It turned out lovely as I'm sure you were as well!
It's absolutely lovely! Congratulations!!
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