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Thanks for posting. Interesting. Now I am wondering the same thing.
I mix a very small amount of black to the buttercream to get it to a gray color then mix in luster dust.
I did a cake with blue jello once. I didn't allow it to set enough and my cake had blue streaks running all over. Not to mention a smaller pool. I thought it was OK. Until later on in the day. If I remember correctly, I allowed it to set about 30 minutes and then placed it in the fridge for the reminder of 3 1/2 hours. Even though it ran through the cake it lasted 4 hours out of the fridge to be consumed.
She is awesome. Check it out.
I make my own fondant. I mix color during mixing and after, depending on the project. It is time consuming. So it you don't have a lot of time, buying it would be an option.
Very easy. Leftovers madeover.
I have never worked with gumpaste or candy clay. But the fondant works well if you take your time and let it dry.
Everything is mixed together (to the right consistancy), rolled into balls and then dipped in chocolate. There is endless possibilities. However, mine look nothing like the website. That is amazing.
I get lots of request for my Cake Ball. The ones everyone loves the most are the chocolate cake, little buttercream and syrup cherries (the syrup and cherries put through my little food processor). They are Irresistible.
Wow lilyanddayne, you told her everything. She's right marshmallow fondant is cheap and taste better than store bought. If you are swirling colors, like blue and purple. Try putting one color in and the other color next to it. It is also less messy.Check this out.
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