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Could be the weather. My last cake had started to show problems of drooping. I turned the AC up a couple of degrees and every thing was better and didn't have any other problems.
Here's the how to article for the method:
I made the crown out of fondant, and rolled it out. I used vanilla extract to bind the fondant together and dusted it with luster dust. I have made royal icing tiaras before too. I draw out the design , tape it to a cylinder (rolled oats container), taped a wax piece of paper over that and use fondant/gum paste/royal icing to coy design.
No, I didn't get stung. Thank goodness.Heres the link to the cake before it got dropped.
I was carrying a cake into my mother-in-laws house and was attached by wasps. I dropped the cake. Come to find out there was a wasp nest near the door that no one told me about until after it happen. After spending so much time and care over the cake, I just feel horrible.
OMG. Love the sign. Thats a big problem now days it seems everywhere I go the parents aren't watching their kids. Everyone gets on to me relax and take a break from constantly watching my own. Sorry No. I watch them like a hawk.
It is easy to color when the marshmallows are melted. But I also paint the fondant, it is easier for small areas.
I agree. Don't use them as decoration.
I buy it to dip cake balls and strawberries. Its a candy coating very similar to chocolate. Ingredients: sugar, cornstarch, partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil, cocoa process with alkali, cocoa, soy lecithin, artificial flavor and milk. No Almonds. It's usually on the top shelf at Walmart above the other chocolate. Very easy to dip with.
I used to knead in the color after it made, then started to do it when the marshmallows were melted. I found it easier to get a solid color and less streaks.
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