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I have a 3 piece cake set that consists of a 5, a 7, and a 9 inch pan. The pans are 3 inches deep. I use 2 cake mixes to bake this up. I do torte the 3 inch cakes. You would have to make pretty small roses. To help with pricing I think you might want to use ribbon roses of fondant or buttercream roses. The directions for this set says it feeds 24 people. This is really cute when it is done. I have never done  it in fondant, but in buttercream I would probably charge less...
You could make a "cake boss" bow, which is just a simple bow with tails, or you could make a loopy bow. The first one takes barely any time and the second one takes a little more time. You are making bows anyway, just make the topper a littler glitzier....probably not a word!!!!! Add some glitter of some sort, or paint it gold or silver after it dries. Use a flower or a broach if you choose the simple one.  
You have to love people who want not sweet cake and frosting! Why do they think these things are called "sweets". Just being silly here. Perhaps they really wanted a loaf of bread with butter. Don't be too disappointed in your product. You are very talented and ya can't please all the people all the time.
My suggestion is Youtube. I have learned so much there. Also there are many good tutorials here. There are places you can buy DVD's and watch at your leisure.Go to the Library if you can and read, read, read. Visit this site as often as you can and ask questions.
Thank you so much. I am so excited to get these made. I bought the prettiest liners.I think the young lady will be thrilled.
I am making mini cheesecakes for a dessert table. Normally I make them in those aluminum cupcake liners, but this time I bought those tiny paper liners for mini cupcakes. They were so cute. Now it occurs to me that I don't know how high to fill them or how long to bake them. It is the recipe that starts out with a vanilla wafer at the bottom and then add the filling and bake. I am afraid that there also is some reason I have always used the aluminum, perhaps someone told...
Ask them if you can bake in their shop during after hours, or before they open.You are very talented. I would love to see you take this opportunity.
All I can say is that if you made a promise to do something to benefit a family in need, you must keep that promise. Meet the expectations that the organizer has for you. There will be many business' there that may compete with one another, but for one night they are all working for this family.
I love Italian Buttercream (meringue based) and use it on some of my family cakes.My cakes for customers are usually American Buttercream. The reason is that I can make it so much faster. Time is money and when I am busy, especially this time of year it works best for me. Another advantage is that the cakes do not have to be stored in the refridgerator. Wedding cakes can sit out all day without a problem as well. If a customer asks for Italian bc I use it, but for the most...
Sorry I came off as a person who would storm anywhere...I am a little old lady.I would not harrass anyone. Since the two people were friends from the store, I thought why not just give her a visit instead of worrying about it for days. Curiosity is not a bad thing. I also think it is awfully easy to ignore an e-mail and a phone call sometimes works better.Please believe me, I storm no where and I harrass no one.
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