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I want it to look like a solid object: a cross. Thanks!
Ok, so it's a preference how it's done then. Yes, exactly what she had in mind! Thanks 😃
My daughter wants a cupcake cake shaped like a cross for a baptism. Never did one of these before. Do I arrange cupcakes first then frost ? Or frost individually, arrange on board then fill in spaces? Tia!
Thanks everyone for the responses. That was my take on it also. I just wanted to make sure!
What do y'all make if this law? I'm not sure I'm understanding.
I was planning on using an extended box recipe. But if its not good, then I won't! LOL Thanks for the heads up on that,
In researching what kind of icing is best with  a pink velvet cake, cream cheese, vanilla, and white chocolate came up.  So I'm looking for opinions on this! I do not like cream cheese so that's out.  White Chocolate just doesn't seem to go with pink velvet in my mind,  Yall?  And vanilla seems boring.  Any other suggestions? TIA
Thanks will try it!
Does anyone know how to make a red velvet cake roll? I want to use a doctored cake mix recipe. What do I need to add or subtract to make the cake roll?
Hmm... I have gumtex too. So I may try it both ways (paste & tex) just to see which I like better. I like using just fondant but this might be better according to the other posters.
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