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Lori00, I don't know if you have a Family Dollar store where you live but that's where I found my ponies. They were in tube, 3 for $5. They were the Ponyville ponies and were no more than 1.5 inches tall, I believe. My cake was a 6' and a 10' round respectively. The pic is the most recent in my photos.
I held my breath until the end! LOL So glad this turned out well for you. The cake looks great!
Sandra80, I made a similar cake. I did an icing plaque of the bands logo and sculpted the lead singer out of gumpaste. (If I did it again I would do the logo as a FBCT and the figure out of MMF, but that's just personal choice. ) The band was Black Label Society and the figure is Zakk Wylde who got his start with Ozzy Osbourne. It's in my pics if you wanna see. People seem to go crazy over sculpted figures. I can't wait to see what you do with this one!HTH!
Yes it has helped somebody! This was exactly the information I was looking for. I have the bake even strips and yes like other posters have said they were not cheap. On top of that, I think I threw out my instructions for them. I am sure they are simple but the last time I used them the sides of my cake were warped. Really really love this thread! So many great ideas. Wish we could have had this one a long time ago. I know I've wasted lots of money on stuff that I...
Great site! Thanks for sharing.
If you have a dehydrator it cuts a LOT of drying time. It is still fragile so keep that in mind. Also, if you are putting it on buttercream, keep it off as long as you can. If it stays on the buttercream too long it WILL crack (just had this happen, I put it on the night before and the next day the transfer was cracking all over when I picked the cake up)
I was applying for a cashier's position at Walmart and when they saw that I was an art major on my application, they asked me if I wanted to decorate cakes. I said sure and spent 10 months in that job. I laugh when I hear all the flack that Walmart cakes recieve because two of the ladies who taught me to decorate there were professionals working there for the insurance. I had about a five year dry spell after that and just picked it back up last year. I KNOW I wouldn't...
Wow! Not only do I learn a lot to improve my cakes but a medical lesson as well! I never thought about the toothbrushes being too close. So many great tips here on this thread. Thanks!
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