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I would also love the instructions. Thank you
Thank you for sharing. This will help me out when trying to do different flavor layers.
Can you bag these cookies like you can with the fondant and the other hard icing?
I only use wilton fondant and receive great reviews. I use the NFSC recipe with the wilton fondant and the cookie tastes great. Wilton has improved the fondant.
Yes just be careful when cutting your cake.
I buy my bubble straws at an Asian store in my area. There about 50 of them for 99 cents...
I also you equal parts and use a pastry brush to apply to the pans. Works beautifully.
I have done both right out of the oven or I brush water on the cookie and attach the fondant. Both ways work great it all depends if I have time to cut out the fondant before the cookies are coming out of the oven.
WOW Khalstead you gave her a huge deal. For that price I would say just the cookie. It is so true people will look at you like you are trying to rip them off.
I also have done the gumpaste throught a light box. The dairy of the whipmy kid cake in my photos was done that way. What I did was put the image I needed on the light box then wax paper and then the fondant. I was able to out line everything I needed.
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