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Ahorra tu dinero o inviertelo en otras cosas que necesites para tus cakes.
Yo mezclo tylose con fondant. Un poquito de tylose no mucho porque la mezcla puede salir muy seca y dura y se puede agrietar. Deja que cada pieza, cabeza, cuerpo, etc. se sequen un poquito antes the ponerlo todo junto. Espero te ayude en algo.
Have no fear. Put them in the fridge.
I received an invitation also. I love watching these kind of shows but findThat it would be too stressful. Good luck to all of you auditioning!
There is a great advantage in using silk flowers; there is no surprises when you get to the venue and find out the flowers are not the right size or color, or have enough flowers to place on the cake or the florist is not there and holds you up. Silk flowers can be placed on a cake and delivered fully decorated. Just drop it off and go. Here are several decorated with silk and (in my opinion) does not make the cake look less elegant or cheap and like other cc'ers have...
Here are a 3 cakes I made...all with real flowers the other with silk and cactus with fondant decorations.
Add SMBC to it...Delicious and creamy.
Te quedo super lindo.
Yo personalmente uso Satin Ice y especialmente cuando tengo que hacer un cake con colores fuertes como el violeta, el verde, negro, chocolate, azul y rojo.
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