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A fairly easy cake to make is a drum.You could also do a cake with musical instruments all over it, using the colors for your border
I always experiment with different cake flavours using jello in the cake mix. Another way I have flavoured a cake is by adding skor bits. This works well with a caramel filling.
The cake turned out absolutely beautiful!!! You should be very proud of yourself. I love the maple leaves on the side...great touch. I am sure everyone was as impressed as we all are Can't wait to hear everyone's reactions.
This cake is fabulous so far!!! I can't wait to see the final result. Like everyone else is proud of your work, no one will notice the imperfections if there are any.
Go for it!! This sounds like a great opportunity. If you are worried that you might make a mistake, remember people who don't decorate cakes themselves will never notice! Good Luck!!!
I use only boxed cake mixes and doctor it up with jello powder. I get a unique flavour (and colour). I then team up the filling with the cake flavour. I have have been told that you can't tell its's from a box.
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