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I have made a few with the Pampered Chef Batter Bowl, I have one in the oven now. One tip I will add to all the others is I pull out enough batter to make a single cupcake to place on top of the batter bowl cake. It gives the doll a smoother waist/hip. I use one cake mix and torte it three times and add my filling, this gives her height.
This is my 2nd wedding cake and I really don't want to say no so I am going to make every effort to figure out if this is even possible. Can someone recommend a recipe for this. PLEASE!!!! Do they make a "fake" powdered sugar substitute?
I use my 4" round. It's not supposed to feed more than one and a smaller cake is cuter, I make them look like a mini of the larger one- with less details of course. But there is no "rule", do what you like.
I like to put a dollop of it on my vanilla icecream! Never did care for it on toast.
NO! She wouldn't. She couldn't. I mean you don't really think...
Any ideas? I hate making people out of fondant or anything for that matter, so a bunch of people standing in a cricle outside of a village is out. Why couldn't the Mom just be happy with Elmo???? I need some suggestions ASAP!
I think that would work- it would be a prety big ball though. But if the rest of the cake is large it could just work.
There has to be a place on line for this type of thing- right??? Can't seem to have any luck. I need 100! I just tried making my own and it came out fine but 100! I am not going to do that to myself!
The cake looks super groovy in a far out way! Team Edward! 34yrs
I make cakes I hate all the time, but then once I take a photo of it it looks fantastic, strange but true. I think the customer sees the cake from that view of the camera, it looks great to them cause they couldn't have done it. Don't be so critical of your work, the cake lookes beautiful- I know the camera did help, been there, but still the client loved it and w/ good reason.
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