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This is what I was afraid of. It has to survive a 3 hour trip and it terrifies me of what could happen during the ride. I'll just switch to the cooked strawberry filling that I found. Thanks for the info.
Sorry, I just saw your post.By regular, I mean, what does your SMBC recipe say? Make it exactly as your recipe says but after the SMBC has finally come together, toss in a spoonful of peanut butter and taste. I always just taste it to get what I want.
I need some ideas on a shortcake filling. I'll be using white choc. SMBC as a base and would like to mix fresh strawberries in it. Any idea if this is a good idea? Can I use fresh strawberries or should I sugar them? I'm afraid if I sugar them it will pull too much water out and I'll have to dry them again. I could use the syrup as a sugar syrup though. I'm also afraid if I don't sugar them they won't last as well. Also, any idea how long this would last before the...
I just saw this yesterday! I can't wait to buy them. Even if they end up cheap quality at least they'll be good for practice. I couldn't believe all that they had to offer.
You need to make a regular batch of SMBC and add the very end when it has come together, add the PB. You will add about 1/4 cup of the PB. It's always perfect texture for me.
Why not do alternate layers of cake and cheesecake like Cheesecake Factory does? I think you just need to do 1 layer cake-split into 2 layers and bake 2 1" cheesecake layers in a springform pan the same size as your cake.
It's really flavor preference. You can add or subtract a stick or two from the recipes and it will turn out okay. The more you add the more butter it tastes and acts like a stick of butter.
It's just the cooking method. I used to use SMBC but it failed on me more times than it worked. I tried IMBC and it has never failed on me; sometimes I cook the sugar syrup too long but that is easy to fix. I use the same recipe as posted above.
LOL. It's fantastic when it comes out but it can be an absolute PAIN sometimes. I switched to IMBC because it is much easier and reliable.
Somebody on here uses Smart Balance during the summer and subs it in for the butter during the summer.You don't need to worry about air bubbles. You do need to make sure everything is grease free or it will never come together.
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