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Yes, use a board under your cake. Measure your straws and cut them to your desired length. The secret is after you have done this do not push them all the way into the base cake...leave them sticking out about an inch. Then center your top tier on the straws and the weight of the cake will make it slowly sink onto the base cake. No messed up icing on either cake!!
Good recovery on that air bubble. Once you decorate you won't be able to see a flaw anywhere. Glad it was an easy fix. Good luck
Straws work so well for me mainly because the weight from the cake will push the straws into the lower layer and you don't leave finger marks or mess the icing up on the lower cake if your icing with butter cream. Straws are so much easier than dowel rods for me...unless you are using the adjustable dowels. But my vote is straws!!! Good luck.
The bed and covers should be easy. I think I would make the monkeys from colorflow and put wires in them so they can be at different levels jumping on the bed. Please post pictures when you finish it...should be cute. Good luck!
Fantastic tutorial. I have been wanting to make one of these soooo bad and actually saw this mold builder but wasn't sure that is what I needed. I know what I am doing this weekend!!!! With your pictorial tutorial I feel confident that I can make this successfully. Thank you Thank you.
Both of your cakes are truly amazing. The detailing is awesome. You are very talented. Even the cake of 9 months ago looks like someone who has been doing cakes a long time did it. You are an inspiration.
I'm looking for ideas on how I can make one cake, probably a stacked or tiered cake honoring my parents 80th birthdays (they are just months apart and are wanting one party). They do not have similiar interests so it is making it harder. I'm thinking if I could do one side of the cake for mom with flowers, butterflies etc and then when you turn it around then it would be for my dad...sports related i think. Just not sure if this will work or if someone could give me...
There is a tutorial on utube for calla lillies that is so easy to do and makes beautiful lillies. She shows you step by step what to do.
What is the best MMF recipe to use..there are several listed on here. What do CC's recommend as the BEST?
Congratulations and good luck. After browsing you pictures I can see you being a success. You do fabulous work. I am jealous ...a dream of mine that will never come true. Much success to you.
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