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I am so done with Wilton. Its messy and I can never get my colors just right. It seems like Americolor has so much more variety of colors as well.
I'm not sure where you are located, but I'm pretty sure that dragees can't be shipped to California. I think that is the only exception.
They are called dragees and they come in all kinds of colors. As the previous poster stated you can find them on global sugar art and many other online sites.
I let my cakes completely cool and then wrap them in cling wrap a few times. Then I place the wrapped cake back in the pan and pop it in the freezer. I know this sounds wierd but I started doing this after I would place cakes in the freezer and they would lose their shape because someone would place something on top of it or it would get shoved. That is my own fanatic thing that I do but it works for me. I've frozen cakes about 4-5 days ahead and they come out moist...
I think the hi-ratio comes out smoother. That has been my experience at least with sugar shack's recipe. I caved and bought Sweetex but I really love it!
you also can try sugar shack's buttercream recipe on this website. It is super smooth!
I used the coconut cake mix by duncan hines and simply threw in about a cup of shredded coconut and about 2 T of coconut extract and used the filling recipe below.Here is an awesome filling recipe that I recieved from Petit-fourI used it for a wedding and it received rave reviews!Pineapple-Coconut Filling: 3 cups o 1 ½ cup crushed pineapple and remaining juice o ¾ cup sugar o 1/3 cup beaten egg yolk o Dash salt o 1 T cornstarch o ½ T Gelatin o 2 T cold water o 1 cup...
I got mine from this website personally needed a smaller quantity and this website offered 4 lbs of sweetex that was perfect for me.
I've used her recipe about 3 times already and it works great. It crusts over and is great for piping! I got the DVD a few months ago and it is wonderful!!! A must have!
I did a mermaid cake pretty recently and used a barbie ariel. I just wrapped the legs in saran wrap, made the tale out of fondant and pushed the legs directly down the middle. I don't think it would be much different with this doll. the fondant tail seems to secure the doll in place. You do have to make an eight inch for the height to place under the wonder mold cake.
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