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Hmmm. I never thought of that. Where could I get that?
Please can someone tell me what you think is used for the jewels in between the layers of  this cake.
Can anyone help me with a good raspberry mousse filling and lemon filling?
Can somebody help me. Is there a butter rum version of the WASC? If not can somebody help with a tasty butter rum recipe, that's good for stacking.
I just got a request to make a sugar chocolate cake with white sugar free icing. Can someone please help me. I'm new to the sugar free world. Is there something similar to WASC recipe?
I was wondering if someone can me how to cut the sweetness down in my buttercream?
I just use the Wilton recipe. Im currently looking for another recipe
I was wondering has anyone tried this technique. I am having a difficult time smoothing my icing or getting a flat top. It's ok sometimes when covering with fondant. But Im not sure if it's my icing recipe or I just need to try something else. Thanks in advance for advice
I have a request for a vanity cake. With the mirror and all. I have seen a couple pictures of a vanity, but don't want mine to look kiddie. This is for a 23 year old. Any suggestions?
i have some basic cupcakes to make. chocolate and vanilla. i was told not to use the same recipe as i use for my cakes because its dense..i use the WASC recipe. i was also told not to just use a cake mix. does anyone have a really good recipe for cupcakes? thanks in advance
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