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High five to you Barbara, great job.
They are made at the individual shops.
Did you ask her as to why she wanted to see the receipt?
It taste great. The buttercream is my favorite.
A degree is fine but make sure that you get as much experience as you can. In addition, be careful with loans because that's how I was able to attend college and my payments are close to $500.00 a month and in addition to working a full time job I also work a part-time job to payback my student loan. I wasn't eligible for any grants or financial assistance other than loans and my parents believed that if I wanted to attend college that I would have to pay for it myself...
I haven't used it yet but it's absolutely delicious. My favorite flavor so far is the buttercream...yummy.
Publix uses Brill brand icing.
Since your co-worker is such a nice person perhaps you can make the cake for her a later time. Hope you feel better soon.
I use to be an active member but I can no longer afford the $19.95 a month but when I was a member I did learn quite a bit.
Good luck you'll be fine.
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