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Thank you all so very much!!! I truly appreciate all the comments and advice . I guess I will start with the single blade and upgrade as needed. Thanks again!!!
I am about to buy an agbay cake leveling tool, so my question is, is it worth the $100 extra to get the double blade instead of the single blade? Pros? Cons? Need advice please! Thanks!!!
This is awesome, thanks for sharing!!! I own the Expressions and was wondering if the Cricut Cake blades can be used with the Cricut Expressions deep cut housing, but using the cake blades instead of the paper blades. I read you used the paper blades on the Cricut Cake so I would thing it would also work the other way around ... I compared both machines at JoAnn's the other day and honestly, I can say they look pretty similar and the only differences are minimal,...
Isomalt on a glue gun is a fantastic way to work with sugar if you are just starting. It has to be a multi-temp gun, though. Marina Sousa was one of the first ones to use it in the cake world but a team of Japanese Sugar Artists were the first ones to do it and actually the ones that introduced it to Americans in a Sugar and Pastry Competition in Las Vegas back in 2005 (or so ...)! Another way to do it, so one does not have to make little isomalt sticks, is to cook the...
Ohhh, thank you Menas! You are too sweet!!!
All flavoring, no matter what type serve the same purpose, it is just the consistency of the flavor what changes. Extracts are liquid and when added in large quantities, will change the consistency of your batter and might affect the end result when baking. An emulsion is of thick consistency, same strength as an extract but will not change the consistency of your batter as much. This is what most professional bakers like to use as it gives better results.Oils are...
BTW, it is not my design, a friend sent it to me, don't know where the original came from ... to give proper credit.
Here you go!
If you want the whole cake to be shiny, use the steamer, if you only want little details to be glossy, use a confectioner's glaze (this glaze is not tasty though). HTH
I know I'm a little behind ... didn't get CC's notices for replies So anyone want to share pics of their new fun toys??? I'm so sad I missed it this year
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