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I did a square in pale baby blue and then flooded each part freehand.  Not the easiest way I'm sure but I don't have a Kopycake.  It's working.  I only need 3 dozen.  I am NOT putting these on Facebook because I most definitely don't want any more orders for them!!  ha!   thanks for all your help!
I need to make 3 dozen Olaf cookies.  Any ideas on what cutter I can use and modify to do this?  I think this would be easier than doing them freehand.  Any suggestions or pictures would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!! Susan
This is what I came up with.
I need to make cute sweet pea cookies for a friends baby shower.  I googled images and there are very few.  Does anyone have any they have done or any websites I may have missed.  I want them to be perfect! Thanks. Susan
I want to make a banana split type cupcake.  I thought a yellow cake mix base with chopped maraschino cherries and then frosted with a light whipped pineapple frosting and then drizzle with chocolate and some chopped peanuts, then top it off with a cherry.  Anyone have any good light and fluffy pineapple frosting that pipes well for a tall look?  Thanks.
"Your purrrrfect" for a cat cookie
Big or small, save them all!
I did 150 dozen decorated sugar cookies for Christmas so that's 1800. Loved every minute though! I work full time so cookies are my hobby. For some crazy reason it relaxes me. I feel like I've accomplished something good!
Thank you all so much! I'm going to be doing them this week so we'll so how I do!
I need to make engagement ring cookies. The brides ring is white gold so I'm thinking I can do the ring band and stone mount in white or pale gray and brush silver lustre dust on for the silver shimmer. Please let me know if anyone has done this and if it works or if it will just be a glitter mess. I need these cookies in 2 weeks so please help!ThanksSusan
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