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I loved all of the show pieces at the Austin show!!! Thank you so much for sharing your journey from beginning to end. I hope to see you next year!Allison
Sur la Table offers a class on macarons. It was very informative and removed all hesitation. I highly recommend it!
Thank you for sharing!
I knew I shouldn't have read this forum. Now, I have another baking experimet to try. LOL! Your ideas sound incredibly yummy!!!
Wow! I will use these various responses and thinken my skin in the future instead of having my feeling hurt. Thanks, everyone!
Oh, my word! This topic couldn't have happened at a better time. I just wrote asking for help on airbrush spray. I'm still cleaning the mess from this past Sunday! It's everywhere and I used a box to try to contain the color.I don't care how much this item costs, my time is much more. I'm ordering asap in preparation for the holiday season.
I used my airbrush in my home for the first time this past weekend. Although I used a box to surround the cake that I made for my neice, I'm finding blue throughout my home (today is my cleaning day).Please, if any of you have any ideas to contain the airbrush spray, I'd so appreciate your helpful hints and tips.Thanking you all in advance!
Oh, please, please share on this topic all of you experts. If I have another buldge, I promise, the kitchen wall will be decorated in buttercream and cake.Thanking you all in advance!
Thank you so much for sharing your recipes, everyone!
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