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I met Florian Bellanger a couple of weeks ago in Miami. He is the chef at a new restaurant called The Chocolate Lounge. My husband asked the waiter to have him stop by our table and he did. He was so nice, nothing at all like his "persona" on Cupcake Wars. He told me about the upcoming season and everything that we had to eat was wonderful.
I'm a hobby baker from Sarasota (thank goodness I have a very large family to practice on). Hi Mike, are you a professional or a hobby baker?
I really don't have just one favorite, but if you want to try Valrhona, I buy mine at Whole Foods.
I have some chocolate mini cupcakes in the freezer (not iced). How long can I leave them in there and still have them taste good? By the way, they are just for family, but I don't want to make anyone sick!
I only received an e-mail about when it would be shipping because I sent an inquiry to Jackie. Sorry about the confusion!
I received an e-mail yesterday saying that the April/May Wedding Cake Issue will be shipped out on this Friday.
I'm not sure about Orange Compound, but I just bought some vanilla paste at Williams Sonoma. I haven't tried it yet, but it smells wonderful!!
I love this thread! I made an angel food cake and instead of picking it up by the outside of the pan to put it in the oven, I grabbed the inside section and batter oozed out all over and down the front of the counter. Quite a mess!!
I agree with you about people being reluctant to take samples during the flu season. Yesterday my husband's family told the youngest grandchild to blow out the candles on the Happy Birthday Jesus cake and at the time he had a 105 degree fever. Yikes!! Needles to say, I didn't have any of that cake!
I live on a small pond in Florida and every once in awhile I come across a black racer (harmless) on my front porch or back deck. Still freaks me out!! I have a bullmastiff and two chinese crested dogs (no, their tongues don't hang out yet), so far they haven't come nose to nose with any snakes, I'm not sure what they would do.
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