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In the past I have had a 50% deposit minimum to secure their date and the remaining paid at pick up (paid 100% in full for delivery) I had some people show up without payment. they left without the cake.  Some came back and some didn't (I did still have 50% deposit to at least cover my ingredient/supply cost, but not all my overhead).  Now I require payment in full in advance for 99% of my clientel (some family/friends still pay upon delivery/pick up in full..... but...
This is the simplest filling recipe ever, I quarter, half it and even double it depending on the cake I need it for and it's always perfect.  Use this same recipe for other fruit fillings also (blueberry, strawberry, peach, etc...)  I just adjust the sugar and acid based on the fruit.  
Genius! I Will have to remember nerds (looks like I will be raiding the kids candy stash after parades and Halloween hehe)
ahh aren't magic line pans.. well ... "magic" I lOVE them!!! As for baking a little longer, they are a thicker metal so it does takea little longer than other tins, but not too much maybe 5-10 minutes depending on the size. BUt i Love them, expecially the square pans with those nice sharp 90 degree corners!
if it's on my menu then i only charge extra for ganache (because the price of chocolate). IF it's a special request then i price it based on what the request is.
It's been a long time since i've been up late enough on a friday night to join in the cake club, but tonight it's almost 12:30am and i still have 1 full wedding cake to assemble, and a bottom tier and decorations on another wedding cake to do. This week and last week did not go as planned and didn't get enough time to work on things ahead of time as orginally scheduled. After spending the whole morning and part of the afternoon at the dr's office for my daughter i'm...
I also have an at home business. I have two dedicated pick up times (doesn't matter the day of the week) one in the morning and one in the late afternoon/early evening. If they want to pick it up on Thursday, Friday, or saturday they only have two times to choose from. RARELY do i have to schedule it outside of this time (and I've only done it for a couple of business owners who work 10-12 hour days and can only make it on Sundays - which i don't do pick-ups on sundays) ...
Just wanted to say THANK YOU for all of the suggestions. I took them all to the bride and she chose the scroll work (so now i need to practice a little more!) I liked the idea of the double ribbon, but her and her fiance had talked about putting scrollwork on the cake, but liked the cleanliness of the design so they opted to keep it off, Here's hoping for a happy couple!
Here's another REALLY happy customer!! I live about 1-1/2 hours from them and all ihave are raving compliments too. Great product and great company. I like dealing with straight forward professionals and they are all the way!
So i am drawing a complete blank on this one. I had a couple send me this photo they want for their wedding cake.For flowers the calla lillies will be the only ones on top, they will be in white. The ribbon will be black. So how do i get lime green on this? Any ideas would be appreciated.!!!
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